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God created this piece of land as heaven with emerald green sea and land as a gift to his children. Now you can be part of this heaven – a craved destination and expectation for an emotional experience. Tourists from different nationalities and cultures come to visit and feel the atmosphere of positive thoughts and dreams. A friendly sea welcomes and fascinates those who come to free their soul. The sea water is peaceful, caressing and healing. The sand, golden and warm, engulfs and takes you to this paradise of Nature. The wind is a soft breeze and whispers romantic words of dreams and emotions.  

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Ecology Branded “Blue Flag 2015” for beaches in Greece

Browse through beaches on the site of Foundation of Global Ecological Education awarded Blue Flag for beaches, marina and environmentally clean places all over the world. In Greece 395 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag and 30 of them are in Halkidiki.  

Greece holds 4th place in the world according to that criteria.

Find the Blue Flags for 2015 for the beaches in Halkidiki:


The mountain Aton, the monasteries and Athonian monastic community

Mt Aton is the eastern of the three “legs” of Chalkidiki peninsula and the territory is under the protection of UNESCO. There are steep reefs and deep valleys and above them is the breathtaking Athos, a rock 2033 meters high. Beautiful, majestic and mythical Athos rises like a guard to all saintly phenomenons in the mountain. On the very top there is a stone chapel for night prayers and encounters with the rising sun.

For centuries Mt Aton is home of orthodox Christian monks who built an impressive establishment of 20 monasteries, where they live, work and pray. In 1045 during the rule of Constantine IX Monomachos the monks set an official rule of prohibition for women to be present, even female gender animals are prohibited to enter the territory of the Monasteries. That prohibition is still enforced till this day. Today, the Monasteries in Mount Athos are part of Greece, but are under the traditional autonomy of the Holy Mountain and visas are required for visits. A tourist visa for 4 days is to be paid. They are issued in Thessaloniki or the harbor of Uranupolis. The trip is via the sea and easiest access from the harbor of Uranupolis. Public transport is available throughout the year.

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III.Halkidiki Greece Real Estate


Halkidiki Greece – Real Estate Agency

We supply full service for buying and selling Real Estate in Greece.

Our offers are for plots of land on the beach, family houses, villas, hotels and other developments, as well as Building developments “Turnkey”, gardening, furnishing and maintenance of the property.

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IV.Villages in Chalkidiki

Dear Friends of Greece,

The shore line of Halkidiki is 500 km a movie trip of harmony between the whispering sea and the pulse of nature. Colorful pictures of green land, maroon sea, white varnished houses with red ceramic roofs.

Links to info sites of Chalkidiki Municipalities

The Villages of  municipality Aristoteli

The Villages of municipality Kassandra

The Villages of municipality Nea Propontida

The Villages of municipality Polygirou

The Villages of municipality Sithonia


V.Administration info for Chalkidiki

Location: Greece, Central Macedonia, Halkidiki

Regions: Halkidiki has five regions:

Aristoteli, Kassandra, Nea Propontida, Polygirou, Sithonia


Municipality of Aristoteli               +30 23773 50000

Municipality of Kassandra             +30 23743 50100

Municipality of Nea Propontida   +30 23733 50200

Municipality of Polygirou              +30 23713 50701 

Municipality of Sithonia                +30 23753 50100

Regional City Hall: Polygiros

Territory: 3000 km2

Population: 110000 inhabitants (approximate 2011)

Length of the shore: 500 km

Religion: Orthodox Christian

Language: Greek

Bank: You will find a bank branch anywhere from 20 to 25 km distance

Electricity supply: 200V - 50 Hz

Water: Drinking water from tap, recommended bottle water

Police: Telephone 100

Fire Alarm: Telephone 199