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This place is named after the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, born here in the city of Stagira. A beautiful park on a hill with a panoramic view of the sea, tells in an unusual way of the life and inventions of this great man. Mount Athos is home to many monasteries united in a single monastic republic. Visas are required for visits and women are not allowed. Mount Athos - a high, rocky and dramatic giant greets and sends off the sun. Above it like a halo hang white cumulus clouds, giving it charm and splendor. This fantastic view is not accidental. It is the birthplace of Holy Mother Mary, and the top is like a guardian of this shrine.
The coast is sparsely populated due to steep slopes, but the beaches and sea are particularly beautiful. Amulyani Island can be seen from the shore, a great place to vacation. Varied topography, colorful picturesque villages, small bays with clean beaches and of course - sea everywhere.

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