Discover Kassandra

Kassandra welcomes its visitors with richly coloured oleanders in full bloom, behind which is a glistening emerald sea. Driving along the road, you pass by beautiful white houses with wooden verandahs, which alternate with new elegant villas. The small villages gradually merge into each other, the sandy shore is almost unbroken, and the water – always clear. Swallows are perching all along the wires of the wooden electrical poles, singing even at night.

In the mornings, the sun slowly illuminates Athos, flaring up in an ever different fiery sunset in the evenings. The moon, close and warm, brushes the gentle lines of the sea waves.     Kassandra is strewn with small white chapels and churches, concealing old legends. Candles illuminate the countenances of saints on miraculous icons.

When it gets dark and the fishing boats sail away in the open sea, the lanterns along the seaside streets light up, the tavern keepers take out the wicker chairs, and you can enjoy music and the smell of fish and gyros.

Latest Properties in Kassandra