Discover Nea Propontida

Coast of the Thermic Gulf. A plain with long beaches and olive groves. Small villages and country areas with houses built upon them. Here tranquility is synonymous with life, as if time has stopped and only the song of the sea and the boats of fishermen set the pulse of everyday life. When visibility is good the two majestic peaks of the divine mountain Olympus – Mytikas and Stephanie, the throne of Zeus can be seen.

Nea Propontida may not have Sithonia’s drama, but everything is authentic. To check this place out one would need a motive but there is almost no advertising. Tourists fleeing from the bustle of the big city and seeking peace in the quiet village streets, find comfort here. Evenings in taverns and cafes are simple - the sea sings lullabies and crickets play chords for the outgoing day.

Kalikratia, Mudania and Nea Flogita accept those seeking a more dynamic and diverse vacation. This place is little known today, its history is ancient. In cave Petralona evidence of life around these parts have been found dating back 700 000 years.

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