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Mountain and sea. Slopes sink into the water to surround small romantic bays with soft sandy beaches. The most beautiful of them are uninhabited and inaccessible. In the larger ones there are modest villages and friendly campsites. Amazing turquoise lagoons, small deserted islands, underwater cliffs and stunning skyline views of the neighboring mountains with the majestic Mount Athos fill you with adrenaline and desire for adventure. This is eastern Sithonia.
As if to balance the unspoiled virginity of the east, the west offers a coast with many tourist facilities. Porto Koufos is a natural harbor with great depth. During World War II submarines from the allied fleet used to stay here. Porto Carras is a large and famous resort with marina, frequented by celebrities. Neos Marmaras is a resort built on a cliff with a captivating view of the Torones bay. 
Sithonia gives freedom and opportunities for a vacation filled with adventure and romance.

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