Finding a property to rent

image of Намиране на имоти под наем


Dear clients!
This service is intended for all our clients who are looking for properties along the cost in Halkidiki to rent for certain purposes.
Subject matter of the service are properties in the following categories:

  • places for accommodation
  • restaurants
  • cafeterias
  • bars
  • shops
  • commercial areas
  • land plots along the sea

In order to use the service you need to:

  • apply for the service by filling in the offer advertising form
  • send the offer to our Customer Service Center as instructed.

We will start working on your offer upon its approval by the managing authority within 24 hours of the confirmation for its receipt by the center. You will be notified about this at the email provided by you. The notice will contain additional information.
We build our client relations in a way to guarantee the rights and obligations of both parties.
Please read carefully our Contract for Intermediation in Real Estate Deals and the comments section “Frequently Asked Questions”.